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Gold Mine Car Game

Gold Mine Car Game Goldmine car game is an online truck driving game, whereby you will be working in a mine field. You are supposed to pick gold only using a mining tool, avoiding unwanted items. You should load the collected gold in a truck and fill it. Once the truck is full, you can drive away with the gold. You can exchange the gold with money. Use the money earned to purchase other useful mining equipment or upgrade your mining techniques.

Go deeper to the mining area and try to get more precious stones, as they will help you earn more money. Going deeper could be a problem if you are not using a strong vehicle, you will need to use the money that you get to upgrade your car. It is fun playing this game, as it makes you want to play more and more. This is because as you play, you also earn more money each time and this motivated you to play again and again. The best thing about this game is that it is free to play online. Click here for more..