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Colin McRae Rally 2 Game

Colin McRae Rally 2 GameIt used to be since I was looking for an exciting and realistic rally game. Approximately 13-14 months ago I found: Colin McRae Rally. I liked the game so much, I wonder if there is any other racing game of the companies I called, got: TOCA 2. Anyway, I think it's perfectly playable, with CodeMasters game had created and long from the beginning. I liked the game so much that he can play better even to take the steering wheel instead of a joystick, I decided. But when we get into the work I had to postpone my decision; until, that is, until the second of the game. 1 week ago the game's going on, but, the Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel I ordered from the internet to examine my postponed until. Arrived yesterday, and today post:)

Colin McRae Rally 2 Game2I have to tell you, before entering the details of the game, it certainly increases a few times with the steering wheel. I played the first game of my driving, car game, even in pretty impressed, I wonder now what happens when the steering wheel play, so I wonder ... Click here for more..